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Court documents provide new and different details about domestic violence assault accusations against Judge Carlos Cortez

By Jennifer Emily / Dallas Morning News

Dallas police obtained a search warrant this week to take photographs of the condominium where a Dallas County state district judge is accused of choking his girlfriend, holding her over a balcony and threatening to kill her.

The court documents provide new details – and some different details – about the accusations against state District Judge Carlos Cortez by his girlfriend of just over a year, Maggie Strother.

Cortez,44, was charged with family violence assault Dec. 28 after Strother, 26, called police about the incident at Cortez’ Uptown condo.

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DMN Editorial: Dwindling credibility for Judge Carlos Cortez

Trust is the bedrock of our judicial system. People have to believe that the judges and juries who determine their fates are fair and competent. That they have good judgment.

And that question of judgment, more than any accusation that has been leveled against him, is state District Judge Carlos Cortez’s biggest problem.

In 2010, Cortez was referred to the State Commission on Judicial Conduct for bad-mouthing fellow judges. Although the commission dismissed the complaint, Cortez has spent $135,000 in legal fees fighting to keep private related statements and documents that apparently paint an unflattering personal portrait. Additional court filings suggest that the sealed information is related to the use of drugs and prostitutes.

On the job, Cortez has received low marks from the Dallas Bar Association in the areas of impartiality and judicial temperament.

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Dallas district judge arrested on assault charge, police report says

Matthew Watkins, Dallas Morning News / 10:20 am on December 28, 2013

Judge Cortez' booking photo (credit: Dallas County Sheriff)

Update, 10:22 a.m.: Another police report gives a narrative of the arrest. It says that Judge Carlos Cortez choked his 26-year-old girlfriend several times and, at one point, held her over the balcony of his Uptown apartment.

Police were called to the apartment on McKinney Avenue just after 2 a.m. Saturday for a report of a disturbance. Cortez and his girlfriend met officers in the lobby. The girlfriend told police that they had been in an argument “over the location of medication belonging to [a] juvenile male witness,” the report says.

BD Update, 5pm: We have the complete text of the DPD Incident Report after the jump.

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When Vegans Collide: Gunfire at Whole Foods Lakewood (updated)

Gunfire erupted in the Whole Foods late Saturday evening after two vehicles bumped in the parking lot. At least two shots were fired by a (not-yet-identified) person who immediately surrendered. The victim was taken to a local hospital, but as of this writing his condition is not known.

Update, 1015 am, Sunday morning

The DPD offense report is now online - click here to read it. The charge is listed as Aggravated Assault. The shooting victim has been identified as Francisco Alcarez of Dallas. DPD's Public Information Office reports Mr. Alcarez survived the shooting.

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Purse-snatching at Walmart leads to assault on neighbor

It's no secret the Lowest Greenville WalMart is a blight upon the neighborhood (thanks a bunch, LGNA!). But now it's getting downright dangerous for the locals to shop here.

According to Dallas Police reports 0144385 and 0144369, local couple Chelsea Bridges and Joe Thornton were shopping inside WallyWorld when an unknown person lifted her wallet from the shopping cart. Joe then took off after the perp, ending up behind the 7-Eleven across the street.

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