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Terilli's, Dodie's and property owner respond to RPO on Vickery Blvd

After BD posted the story about the new Resident Parking Only zone on the 5700 block of Vickery Blvd., he recieved replies from the owners of Terilli's, Dodie's Reef and the property they occupy.

BD is posting those comments and any replies here for public review without comment. For the moment.

By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Safe streets
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Lowest Greenville 2003

Way back in 2003, BD took a walk down Lowest Greenville Avenue, carrying a cheap little digital camera, to take a picture of every business on the street.

Some of these closed down pretty fast, and some made it throught the 2010 rezoning debacle. And yes, some of them were scumbars, and some were owned by people who cared about their customers and their community.

Nearly ten years later, do you remember any of them??

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By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Lower Greenville
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Lowering the flag at Bonham Elementary School for the last time (photos)

The flag was lowered for the last time at Bonham Elementary School, as it becomes one of nine schools to be shuttered and mothballed by DISD.

Click here for the entire photo library.

By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Dallas City Hall
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After the SUP: Lowest Greenville bars are losing money to Upper Greenville bars

Just the other day, a friend who does not live in the neighborhood asked BD

So how's that Lowest Greenville rezoning working out??

Since we opposed this debacle of a zoning plan, blurting out something emotional and without basis in fact was not a good idea.

Of course, looking outside my front door at the Lowest Greenville WalMart did not make biting my tongue any less painful.

So what's a better way to gauge the success or failure of the SUP than finding something to compare before and after the rezoning, not just down here but to other businesses in the neighborhood.

Hello, State Comptroller!

By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Legal issues
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Is Trader Joe's still coming to Lowest Greenville?

Last week, there was a big media fanfare over the new Trader Joe's Walnut Hill/Central Ewy location. I tracked down the TJ media person quoted in that story and sent her an email asking for information about TJ's announced way back when store on Lowest Greenville.

I called her today after getting no reply, and clearly identified myself as the admin for this FB page and a local blogger.

First statement

Oh my, I never got your email.

Second statement

Oh my, I only talk to real media people, in print and television. Let me refer you to Customer Service.

[So what am I, chopped liver??? Honey, I was blogging before the word blog was invented]

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By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Lower Greenville
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